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Midweek Madness Break

Career Growth Conversations for Women in STEM

As women in STEM we face unique challenges:

  • Establishing our authority in a male-dominated world
  • Being respected for our expertise
  • Building credibility without becoming "a problem employee"
  • Micro-aggressions intended to diminish our value
  • Leading in an a way that is authentic to us

Every week I'll be sharing ways to grow your career in a way that capitalizes on your authentic style.

You can be:

  • Assertive without being rude or aggressive
  • A leader without giving up your collaborative style
  • Recognized as an expert without putting others down
  • Successful without giving up what makes you unique


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Hi! I'm Carol Dougherty

  • I started out 30+ years ago as the only female engineer in an engineer department of 50
  • I went from being dismissed as "the young girl" to a respected expert in a few years
  • I went from being called "brutally blunt" to "highly professional in all settings"
  • I have 10+ years in the construction industry; including 2.5 years on a $1.2B project as the only female engineer on my team
  • I jumped into training & coaching to help others grow their career by learning from my mistakes
  • I have 15+ years of experience training people to become more effective

What Others Have to Say About Working with Carol:


"I listened to your recorded presentation from this morning. I LOVED it!! Related to it SO MUCH!! It inspired me to write a self-introduction that I will work into meetings, asserting my experience and education. I have to fight the women's fight DAILY on the project I'm on now. It is tiresome! Men always assume it is my first day on the job, no matter how old I get!"


"You helped me realize that the leaders I admire most have great soft skills and really care about people. I now understand how, by focusing only on the tasks, I am not developing my team which is hurting their performance. I can now see how adapting my communications will better engage my team. I am now confident in speaking up in meetings and know that I can get my point across effectively. "


"Carol taught me how to communicate my disappointment in the loss of a promotion in a professional manner as well confirming my ongoing commitment to my previous position and to the company. I believe that this positive response led to the raise I did receive shortly thereafter. Carol's calm, professional perspective prompted me to consider the bigger picture."


"Now I have more confidence. I am able to speak in front of people, show leadership and assertiveness which I couldn't do prior to working with Carol. I am able to connect and relax more so I can see myself growing and developing."