Time to plan your next career step

Feeling stuck in your job?

  • Are you wondering if you are cut out to succeed in STEM?
  • Have you been told you aren't confident enough for leadership?
  • Have you gotten feedback that you need to speak up more?
  • Have you been told you have potential but you're needed in this role?
  • Are you tired of seeing less qualified men move up before you?

If any of these are true, you are not alone. Women are often judged to a different leadership standard than their male peers. 

The good news is that you CAN learn what you need to move up and reach your career goals. Let's get started on creating a plan for your next step.

Next Move Coaching Program

Using my 4 step process you will:

  1. Gain clarity on your goal 
  2. Identify any roadblocks
  3. Own your superpowers
  4. Create an action plan

I'll be working with you through each step: guiding, supporting and cheering you on.


Schedule a free session to get you unstuck and started on your way. It's a no obligation 30 minute conversation to get to know each other, and give you the first steps to take to reach your goals.

I want to get UnStuck!
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Why work with me?

  • I started out 30+ years ago as the only female engineer in an engineer department of 50
  • I went from being dismissed as "the young girl" to a respected expert in a few years
  • I'll bring an outside perspective to help you identify your path forward
  • I jumped into training & coaching to help others grow their career by learning from my mistakes
  • I've spent the past 15+ years helping others grow & advance their career

What others say about working with Carol:

Char, Texas

"I highly recommend Carol!
She recently helped me as I navigated a job change and family move. Had it not been for our one on one coaching sessions, I don't think I would have really understood what I was looking for in my next career move and wouldn't have had the right questions to ask.
I've just accepted a new position with a step up in responsibility and a huge part bump."

Helena, Ontario, Canada

“Coaching with Carol was a wonderful journey of clarifying and taking concrete and productive steps toward reaching my dream.  Carol has a unique approach to getting me to dig deep and really get at what obstacles I must overcome to reach my goal.  She shines when it comes to helping me strategise, find the courage and take action!  Everything I want to do IS attainable, and I thank you Carol for helping me to know this with conviction!”

Kerry, Florida

“Carol is a fantastic listener and has a gift for asking powerful questions and uncovering the truth. She helped me remove some mental barriers which were in the way so I could define and accomplish my goals. Through her methodical approach, Carol brought clarity and perspective to living my life in balance. She helped me discover my values and define my goals. I feel much happier and inspired knowing that my shift to a different career is within reach. Now I am very excited to start my new professional life! I am so fortunate to have found Carol!”