Taking a Stand

dignity respect Jun 03, 2020

In these unsettling times it becomes clear that we need to take a stand for what is right and stand together for a better tomorrow for all of us. It feels so overwhelming to think about “what I can do to fix the problems in the world?”. Yet it really is simple and starts with each of us.

Growing up I was taught that all people, no matter their color or gender, should be treated with dignity and respect as a fellow human being. This is so simple and yet it has become hard to practice because society tells us this is not true. It happens in small ways and in huge tragic ways. Each of us can address small ways and as those add up the huge tragic inequities will be intolerable.

Here are some simple ways we can all take a stand for what is right and stand with those who are put down, shutdown or let down by those around them. These ideas apply to daily life and work.

5 Ways you can make a difference:

  1. If the treatment of someone makes you uncomfortable, say something, call for help, speak out. If you wouldn’t want to be treated that way, why let it happen to anyone else?
  2. When someone is interrupted when speaking, ask to hear the rest of their thought. If you can’t do it in the moment, seek them out to hear what they have to say. They deserve to be heard.
  3. Ask others about their experiences and really listen to what they have to say. Suspend judgement, be curious and learn what it’s like for others.
  4. Become a visible ally of those who need a hand. Mentor someone at work, help a neighbor, choose diversity on your teams, expand your friend base.
  5. Show kindness to everyone you meet each day. You don’t know their story, or their pain, so be a bit of light in their day.

Inequality, injustice show up when there is favoritism, privilege and preferential treatment that is based on anything other than the individual's knowledge, skills or performance.

There are good people in all colors, jobs, and walks of life. In these same groups there are those who take advantage of others, believe their rights supersede other’s rights, and are willing to use force to get their way.

It’s time we all take a stand for what is right and work to erase inequality in all it's forms. Please take a stand for those who need your voice.


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