Thriving not Surviving

Strategies to go from merely surviving to THRIVING for women in STEM

What is the Point of Your Worry?

awareness focus worry Oct 05, 2021

     We had an issue as we closed one of the production departments. The processes used hazardous materials and we had to be very careful to dispose of them properly. There was a treatment system in place that got overloaded, so we had to stop and figure out what to do.

    As I walked into the meeting to figure out our game plan I looked around the room. Michelle was sitting at the table wringing her hands and lamenting the situation. She was responsible for the treatment process while I was responsible for the operations of the department. The error was on my end, the piping did not go where I thought it did, so we ended up with too much material to treat properly.

    We had to come up with a plan for fixing it and safely disposing of all the materials. Bill had previously worked with the treatment process and was the one who figured out what had happened. Michelle was paralyzed worrying about what would happen, how much trouble...

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Improve your mindset by shifting your focus

focus mindset Aug 25, 2020

Are you finding yourself struggling with the chaos, the negative, fear and confusion right now? If so, you are like most people right now. We are facing so many changes, conflicting information and uncertainty as our society moves towards a new normal.

The challenge for most of us is that wallowing in our despair isn’t productive or conducive to a happy life. While tempting, we don’t feel good when we embrace the chaos and negativity. Our jobs, family and health are impacted by it all. How do we avoid this sink hole?

First, we need to acknowledge the feelings that we are experiencing. Admit this is hard and we are worried about the future. Recognize where you are right now and accept it. Our feelings are part of us and yet they don’t have to define us or drive our actions.

Next, identify where you would like to be. Are you ready to find a more positive outlook on things? Are you willing to look for the possibilities of a better outcome? If so, admit that it’s...

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