Improve your mindset by shifting your focus

focus mindset Aug 25, 2020

Are you finding yourself struggling with the chaos, the negative, fear and confusion right now? If so, you are like most people right now. We are facing so many changes, conflicting information and uncertainty as our society moves towards a new normal.

The challenge for most of us is that wallowing in our despair isn’t productive or conducive to a happy life. While tempting, we don’t feel good when we embrace the chaos and negativity. Our jobs, family and health are impacted by it all. How do we avoid this sink hole?

First, we need to acknowledge the feelings that we are experiencing. Admit this is hard and we are worried about the future. Recognize where you are right now and accept it. Our feelings are part of us and yet they don’t have to define us or drive our actions.

Next, identify where you would like to be. Are you ready to find a more positive outlook on things? Are you willing to look for the possibilities of a better outcome? If so, admit that it’s time to move forward out of the dark thoughts.

Finally, shift your focus onto the things you want to see. By looking for the types of things you want to experience you will start to see them in the world around you and you can welcome them into your life. We see around us what we focus on, so be intentional with your thoughts.

3 strategies to help you shift to a more positive outlook:

  1. Stop: If you find yourself scrolling through all the negative news stories, reading all the hateful comments on posts, and obsessing about the latest tragedy, stop. You are feeding your mind a steady stream of ugliness. You don’t feed your body a non-stop diet of horrible food, so why do it to your mind? Take a break from social media, news outlets and conversations about the news. If you do partake, look for the good news stories, positive posts and talk to people who have positive outlooks.
  2. Take deep breathes: When you find yourself becoming stressed or discouraged, pause for a moment. Close your eyes (if you can safely do that) and take 5 long deep breathes. Inhale slowly and deeply, then exhale it all back out slowly. Work to clear your mind and focus only on your breathing. It will calm your mind, get oxygen into your body to help relax your muscles and reduce the stress.
  3. Be grateful: Everyday make a point of recognizing what has gone well that day. It could be something small, like a perfect cup of coffee, or big, like that promotion you were hoping to get. Find 3 things every day, write them down and really think about how they made you feel at the time. As you focus on the gratitude you have for the positive experiences you have each day you will find yourself seeing those more easily.

Being aware of what you are feeling and taking the time to shift your focus can help you get out of a funk to move forward positively. There are many things to worry about and those things require our focus. However, we don’t have to spend our days, and sleepless nights, dwelling on the ugliness of the world. Do what needs to be done to take care of you and your family. That includes your mental health. By shifting your focus to the good around you, your mindset will help you overcome any huddles.



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