Be Brilliant & Be Heard

Be Brilliant & Be Heard

When I started working in the mid-1980s I was a novelty in many ways, a young female engineer working on a naval station. There were no other women engineers in the Engineering Division when I started and only a few on base. Even though I had gone through an engineering degree program, I wasn’t ready for the reality of how hard it was going to be to be accepted and respected. Those first years, at multiple employers, were bumpy, frustrating and at times down-right demoralizing. More than once I questioned whether I could make it or not.

Fortunately, I had been told I could do anything, and my mom had taken the path less traveled in her short career, so I knew it could be done. With time and experience I got better at connecting and communicating with my co-workers and managers. That did more to build my credibility than anything else I did. In turn my confidence grew, which helped me be even better at communication and my credibility grew more.

Sadly, I have been hearing from other women that they are still fighting some of those same issues on being heard. Studies show that women are interrupted more often than their male peers and that women are less likely to speak up in groups. For all the advances we’ve made, too many women feel unable to speak up and be heard. When I’ve spoken with brilliant women who feel this way, they:

  • don’t have the confidence in their ability to speak up
  • they worry about being rude
  • to be collaborative they give away all the credit for accomplishments
  • they are afraid to be direct because that sounds mean or like bragging
  • and so many other self-defeating thoughts

I’ve made it my mission to help change all of this by sharing what I’ve learned over the last 30+ years on growing confidence, building credibility and being heard even when I was the only woman in the room. To this end, I’ve created a 4-week online course to help women be heard for their expertise –

Each week we will dig into key topics such as: communication styles and behaviors, how to effectively deliver your message, perceptions, how you can stop sabotaging your success, and how to effectively respond instead of emotionally react to challenging situations. Each module consists of videos and resources to guide you through the topics. Each week we will do a live Q&A call to dig deeper and answer questions you may have. Additionally, we will have a private Facebook group to continue the discussion, ask questions, seek and give support, and build a community of like-minded women.

Registration is now open, and the class will start on July 8th. If you sign up before midnight CST Thu June 25th you will qualify for a 30% off early bird discount by entering EARLY when checking out.

Ladies - it's time to speak up, step up and let your brilliance shine! 


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