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 Do people hear your point?

communication message Jun 08, 2020


When you are communicating information to others how quickly do you get to the point? Do you hit them between the eyes with the bottom line or do you spend 5 minutes laying the groundwork for the decision?  Maybe you fall somewhere in between. All are valid options and needed in different situations. The next question is how does your audience respond? Do they shy away from the blunt data or do their eyes glaze over at the details? To get your point across you need to tailor your delivery to the audience’s style not yours.

To understand which style to use with your audience you need to have an understanding of their preference and their needs. What do they need to get from the information and how do they like information presented to them. 

Being direct is great when:

  • You have 30 seconds to update your boss before his meeting
  • The person you are sending information to likes bullet point highlights
  • It’s the team’s weekly update meeting where...
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